The Disease Leukaemia

Leukaemia is an insidious form of blood cancer with many types. It attacks without warning and does not discriminate between gender, age, or race. Treatment for leukaemia generally involves a process whereby cancerous cells are killed off via radiation and/or chemotherapy. These cells are then replaced by stem cells which can continue the fight within the patient’s body. Donor stem cells for allogenic stem cell transplant can come from family members of the patient or from a world-wide (mostly European) bank of registered donors. Unfortunately, Australia has one of the world’s lowest per capita rates of bone marrow donation.

Members of the Pasifika and Australian Indigenous diaspora in many cases have rare blood types and the stem cells from non-Pasifika and Indigenous donors are usually not a suitable “match” for them. It is an unfortunate fact that members of the Pasifika diaspora are over-represented with this disease but under-represented in stem cell donations.


Tackling Leukaemia Planning


Project Evaluation Plan

Tackling Leukaemia (Inc) will conduct evaluation activities and use success or performance indicators to measure the progress of the projects including:

  • Identification of new potential donors for project – data source – confirmation of swab event activities at clubs
  • Ensuring key stakeholders are satisfied with swab collection events – data source – follows ups with clubs and participants via interviews, surveys, and social media
  • Ensuring participants in swab collection events are satisfied with the project and report positive impacts from their participation – data source – focus groups with sample participants, contact with community groups for feedback from participants
  • Project Evaluation Plan development to record key data, project results, and communication plan for key results.

Sustainability Plan

The Tackling Leukaemia (Inc) Sustainability Plan incorporates the following types of sustainability:

  • Financial sustainability – ensuring suitable programmes of grants applications, sponsorships, and donations to provide funds and generate revenue to maintain and continue the projects being undertaken.
  • Organisation sustainability – ensuring that the organisation maintains good governance and compliance and suitable working processes.
  • Project sustainability – plans to continue projects in the absence of funding support.

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